Tnyce, Expressing Myself Naturally


“Telling story and keeping listeners interested is my main goal, at the same time remaining true to myself and of course, just having fun with it–keeping it interesting!”

Coming from Virginia, known in the music industry as home base for music moguls Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Trey Songz, The Neptunes, and Teddy Riley, is the talented Hip Hop artist Tnyce. With his natural ability to express himself through his music, Tnyce creates music that everyone can relate to from Gangsta Rap to Top 40 music fans. Give it a listen and let the music speak for itself. This artist has a style reminiscent of T.I. with a lyrical flow like Lil Wayne. One word describes Tnyce: amazing.

Tnyce has a style that is easy to dance to. You can actually understand what he is saying in the common vernacular. Some artists that you hear today requires an ebonic dictionary to translate their message. From the youngest Hip Hop fan to the oldest, all can appreciate Tnyce and his articulation. His wording is catchy, he’s not offensive, and always has a story to tell. Think we’re exaggerating? Check him out.

Official website:
Twitter: @Tnyce
Instagram: @TheRealTnyce

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