Tip/Dip, Cali-South Hustle

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Tip/Dip started writing music at the age of 8. Her father use to be a part of a group which inspired her to become a musician. Although she’s from Americus, Georgia, she grew up in Columbus, Georgia and a lot of other places. Tip/Dip’s father was in the military and because of the service she and her family traveled the world. She’s also living in Belgium for 7 years. Tip/Dip speaks, Spanish, German, French, Korean, and Japanese. Her background is Cuban and Jamaican.

Tip/Dip’s Soundcloud is full of classic flavors from years past and we are certain that none are vanilla. Raking in over 2k plays, the track “Where I’m From” is one of her most popular songs ahead of “Tip Dip Do It.” She’s currently a part of indie label Dope Impact Productions and has an upcoming clothing line named Cali-South Hustle.

Official website: www.tipdipmusic.net
Soundcloud: @tiffany-r-dinkins
Facebook: @tipdip
Facebook: @tipdipmusic
Instagram: @tipdip27
Twitter: @tipdipmusic


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