Tino, Negative Income


Tino is an aspiring hip-hop artist in search of his big come-up. Born on February 28th, 1993 as Valentino Henderson II, Tino is from the east side of York, PA. Tino’s main inspiration for starting to rap is Kanye West’s sophomore album “Late Registration.” The beats, the rhymes, the metaphors, and so much else about the album made Tino fall in love with the artistry of hip-hop as a form of release. After graduating from Manheim Township High School, Tino moved to Harrisburg, PA to begin pursuing his rise to hip-hop stardom. After catching some attention he moved to State College, PA. With the help of some friends in the music field studying at Penn Staten, he’s eagerly and enthusiastically working on putting out his first mixtape, “Negative Income,” to be released on February 28th, 2015.

Tino is philosophical without being overbearing or confusing. The rhymes he spits are incomparable, J. Cole meets Kanye. All big names these days have tons of rhymes that you don’t catch until the 6th time you’ve listened to the song, but that’s how almost all of Tino’s lines could be described. The classic makings of good raps are all included in his rhymes though: lady issues, choices on the streets, family struggles, and of course, trying to find something a little higher than negative income.

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