There’s Nothing Mild About Mild Society

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Three Hip-Hop MC’s from the small town of Mansfield, Louisiana, Mild Society includes lyricist Brandon Eckles (B Weyes), Blake Terrell (Friiday), & Ladarius Ealy (Frankie Vibes). Mild Society has transitioned into a musical empire, with extreme ambition to bring a new and distinct style of music from the South. Mild Society released their first project “Dark Shades Vol.1” April 2013, followed by Frankie Vibes’ debut mixtape “Scratched-Up Past” in August 2013. Mild Society since released two projects, an EP titled “Essence” in October 2013, and their 3rd group mixtape “Revolution”, released Jan. 2014. Inspired by the 90’s Era of Music and taking from their college experiences, Mild Society’s latest project “Golden Age” was released May of 2014 on Google Play with the intent to produce mild music. With their outstanding talent, Mild Society can be compared to many of your favorite artists of the past and present but with that unique twist, providing the perfect opportunity to showcase themselves and get their music onto the main stage.

Music by Mild Society can be found at MildSociety.Bandcamp.Com and on SoundCloud at

Mild Society – I Digress Pt II

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