The Storm Before The Calm – Ant Watts Exclusive Q&A

Photo: Ant Watts

Photo: Ant Watts

Check out the interview with Ant Watts exclusively on Rude Boy Lifestyle Magazine.

RBL: What’s the definition of Ant Watts? Who are you and what are you about? Let the world know!
AW: Ant Watts is the definition of being true to one’s self. I’m about just being real, I don’t want to hide the truth from anybody. I only know how to keep it real.

Tell us about the movement you have going on in the south with Storm Music Circle? What is the history of this?
One night I was chilling with a few friends, and I was introduced to Gbenga. It wasn’t even about music, just chilling. We stayed in contact with other, and then one day I was like man let’s start a label. He was with it, and the rest is history. The whole SMC team has been making moves since then.

How is the music scene like in Texas and in the south where you are located? How do you like working there?
The music scene in Houston could be better, I want to see more love and support for the underground artists here. You really have to establish yourself here before anyone really shows you love from other bigger artist or the radios here. I’m not the one to complain though, I’m just doing what I have to do so that me and my team will succeed. My goal is to put the city on, I don’t think we have anyone really representing on a level of J.Cole, Drake, Wale, Meek Mill etc. We have some good music coming out of the city, but I plan to be an artist that competes with those guys.

Do the artists in your area support each other? Or is there a lot of animosity like most places?
I kind of touched of little of this subject in the last question, but with me it’s been a 50/50. I actually get a lot of at shows, but I notice other artist and sometimes people don’t support like they should.

What is the pure drive that keeps you doing music in this tough entertainment business and economy?

It’s just my love for music, I’m so determined to succeed. I can’t see myself doing anything in this world but music. This is what I love, this is who I am.

What separates Storm Music Circle and Ant Watts from the others?

I think everything we’re about. This isn’t the label flashing money, and stunting. We’re not the guys talking down on anyone. We’re really all about good music and good people. This is a label where those who deserve a chance to be heard will get it.

What can we expect to see from Ant Watts in the future?

You can always expect great music, that’s my promise to everyone. Just always expect great music.

Are there thoughts of signing to a major label or distributor yet?
Not really, we’re not where we want to be independently yet. Once we get there, I doubt I’ll want to sign lol.

What advice can you give to the other small artists that are just starting out?
Just be consistent, and make good music. Your hustle is what will really determine your fate though, if you lack drive and ambition this game will kill you.

Do you think the music industry can be saved? Especially in today’s hip hop world where things are depleting fast?
If the fans don’t support, how can the game be saved? We need more support from the community, the listeners, and media.

Where can we find you and connect with you? Can you tell us your social media links etc?
My twitter and Instagram is @1realantwatts. You can find me on SoundCloud, and Facebook with a simple Ant Watts search.

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