The Space Age Rat Pak, Will Rock The Globe For Eons

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The sound of The Space Age Rat Pak has a gravity that is captivating, engaging, entertaining, ground breaking, and even educational. The Pak is revolutionary in that it dissolves the gray area between music genres including, but not limited, to rock and hip hop fusing them sonically perfect. Jaimyn Jupiter’s heightened awareness and intuitive spirit captures universal concepts and brings them down to earth with superior eloquence and otherworldly vocal performance.

Chris Harris is a world class musician specializing in guitar as well as other string instruments such as violin. Rod Breland is the sonic boom of the ensemble; this drummer is another spectacular musician and well-seasoned performer. Glen Demeritt is the cool rocket fuel of the group; he’s the bass player that orchestrates the bass like a shrewd conductor. He also plays guitar.

The band is from Atlanta, Georgia and its earthshattering sound is guaranteed to rock the globe for eons.

Soundcloud: @jaimyn-jupiter
Twitter: @jaimynjupiter
Instagram: @Jaimynjupiter
Reverbnation: @spaceageratpak
Facebook: @Jaimyn Jupiter | @The Space Age Rat Pak


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