The O, Destined Become A Household Name


Born in Charleston, South Carolina and an 80’s baby, The O displays talent on a level of originality true to his Gullah roots. Starting at the ages of sixteen, Ismail Al-Muid, also known as The O, has toured with Cash Money artists The Hot Boys, Young Buck, Mystikal, Yo Gotti, Paster Troy, and a host of other mainstream artist. The O has an original sound unlike anything in Hip Hop to date. With commercially viable music ready to release, he comes from a struggle and makes sure to make music all can relate to.

“It’s all about the message,” says The O. “When people can relate to you and see your struggle as theirs, it’s easier for them to become fans and support.” He is destined to become a household name in mainstream and underground Hip Hop. The O is now signed to a major distribution deal with the Rick Ross Music Group and Universal Music Group Distribution.

Official website:!the-o/c242u


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