The Movement Show, Bridging The Gap


Who is The Movement Show? The Movement Show consists of three members: Doe The Beat King and DJ Hightz, who reside in PA, and HeveWae The Underground Beast, who lives in the DC metro (The DMV). Two members met while networking at a Top Mic competition that took place in DC; HeveWae won the competition as Top Mic DC 2012 and is now a MTV artist.

After several collaborate and show features, they decided to join forces and create a movement to bridge a gap between DC to PA. Their music and show performances are visual, fashionable, danceable, and marketable to the point where they are compared to the likes of Jay Z/Kayne West “Watch The Throne,” EPMD, OutKast, and Run DMC. With their rebel style of Rap lyrics and their hungry-grind instinct, soon they will make a mark and change the style of the Urban/Hip Hop genre.

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