The D.C. Show, Drinkognito


The D.C. Show is a crazy fun hip hop alternative quartet with their own unique sound of funky, melodic, rock driven music with lyrics that will make you laugh, cry, dance, and slam your drink quicker than you can say “Drinkognito.” Their new album of that title hit the top 50 on the iTunes’ hip hop charts in its first week and they’ve played shows for over 4,000 people at Mighty Peace Day in 2013 and 2015 and shared the stage with some of the greats like Tech N9ne, Redman, Swollen Members, and Sonreal.

Originally formed in Edmonton, Alberta while the group was in high school over 15 years ago, most of the rap pack moved south to Calgary and the long-awaited reunion has brought back the hype. Head producer and rapper King Dylan laces the The D.C. Show with up-tempo theatrical soundscapes while his best friends and talented emcees GQ, MC Mossberg, and Buttnz add their voices to the mix only making the album even more appealing to all varieties of hip hop and rock listeners. “The fact they they’re all different only makes the band that much stronger,” says Mike Bell of the Calgary Herald.

Official website:
Twitter: @nogoldteeth
Instagram: @nogoldteeth
Facebook: therealdcshow
YouTube: hippydyl

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