The Beege, What It Takes

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The Beege, a 30 year old African-American, Brooklyn born and raised, is an artist producing music that makes people feel and think. Raised by a well educated school teacher, Beege’s mother pushed him to apply himself and strive for greater things. Always smart, he fell under the pressure of being great. As he started caring less about school he began to craft his talent as a rapper. Hip-hop showed Beege that there was a medium for him to express himself in ways he didn’t know how up until that time. It became his passion, it became his life.

As years went by, and the popularity of hip-hop grew, the quality of mainstream rap was increasingly going down the drain in Beege’s opinion. At first his music was mainly for his friend’s, and personal, enjoyment and then it became clear that he should focus his attention on getting his music heard on a wide scale. He went to college for music business and was well on his way. What Beege didn’t expect to encounter was this underlying need to make “elevated” music in a time where the mainstream didn’t sound like anything he wanted to be.

Without label backing he was challenged on what music he should be making and how to get it heard. With the booming technology of social media and recent, undeniable social, and cultural events, he’s now free and able to be the artist he’s wanted to be and the artist the world needs. Journey with him as Beege learns what it takes to be an artist who is true to himself and serving to the world. He encourages you to stand up for what you believe in and challenge those who look to suppress our light. Take a look at his first video which documents a historic rally for justice. Hands up!

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