That boi Cross, Taking On The World

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“Hip Hop changed the genre of music and with that I became immersed in an art which changed the dynamic of my language.”

Reece Cross, That boi Cross, is a prime example of the influence that Hip Hop has garnered over a generation since it came onto the scene. He is a recording artist, producer, writer, and engineer that is currently working on a new EP that will be a captivating and moving debut that will herald the arrival of a gifted and significant new talent. A native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas the enterprising artist has expressed a passion for music all of his life. Cross chooses the art of Hip Hop as a performer and writer of the same. Even though he enjoyed the game of baseball, he knew that music would certainly be his greatest passion.

Cross began to hone his musical passion around the age of 20 when he formed a group with his high school friends releasing their first project and performing regularly. They opened up for local and nationwide acts ranging from artists such as B-Hamp (Do The Ricky Bobby), Lil Speedy and T-Real. However, due to other obligations the group ended up splitting. He explains, “I enjoyed what we were doing at such a young age. A group with a passion and a dream. I had other obligations with college and a full ride scholarship in baseball.” This still did not stop Cross’ ambition and desire to fulfill his passion to be in the music industry.

After graduating college the burning passion for music began to blaze once again and he eventually met producer David Jones (DJones). Realizing that they both had the same desire to create music they released their project “Cross and DJones Presents” last fall, in which they recorded close to 100 songs. That boi Cross is a multi-talented individual and possesses the attitude that he can take on the world when given the opportunity. He feels with this new project he will have his opportunity of achieving this.

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