Tha Sire, Contributing To Kids’ Futures


Tha Sire is making his grand entrance back to the music industry. After being low key for a while, the California based artist built his platform back up again at a much higher advantage for his music becoming the next Latin hip hop artist to take a stand and being that new voice for the future. As we looked back on his career things happened to get a little side tracked for him while overcoming life obstacles.

As an artist, Tha Sire felt the need and passion to create music that was going to be powerful with substance. He’s an artist that has a story to tell, from day to day struggles to living the fast life. His biggest contribute is to the kids. Seeing how things are in the young youth community, he realize that the kids today are leading towards the negative things of life more than the positive things and he is willing to make that change.

Coming from a hard and tough life, through it all Tha Sire knew that what he has is a gift that can restore music back to the way it used to be. Never the less, this artist is proven to be the bloodline for a higher calling in his career. He just released the “What Is It” which is gaining a lot of attention quickly and is available everywhere. Now he’s set to drop Tha Enough Said Mixtape soon while his 2nd official album Tha Occupation is in the works and from all the input we are getting, all we can say is we can’t wait to get that.

Official website: www.Esouljahs.Com
Soundcloud: @tha Sire


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