Tha Remedy, Connecting With All People


From a young age Tha Remedy has been inspired by a wide range of artists from Michael Jackson to Tupac Shakur. Music has always been a part of his life as his mum was an opera singer before she even gave birth to him. Through his life Tha Remedy met many young people who were afraid to speak out for their beliefs and who they are. He believes that’s why he makes music and that music is a way to connect with many different people who might be going through the same things as he has.

The young generation of today don’t know where to go and are either trying to be understood or find out who they are themselves. That’s what I think of whenever I sit at my laptop and mix my songs together to be uploaded to soundcloud. I release pictures of my private and my music life on Instagram, @remevsremedy, because I feel that those who follow me should feel the same real experiences as I do. My Twitter account is more or less the same @ThaRemeD and my Facebook Page ‘Tha Remedy’ is where I can get a bit more personal with those that like the page since they can message me directly. I represent the youth everywhere, as well as myself, and I’m on a journey to better myself through my music.


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