Ted Bundy & Amari Mar, Da ReneGodz


Ted BundyDaGod & Amari Mar are two aspiring independent hip-hop artists from Brooklyn, NY that are part of the collective group Da ReneGodz that consists of third member Mega X. Being blood related cousins they all share a passion for music and represent real authentic hip-hop. They are influenced by soul music  artists such as Marvin Gaye and Al Greene and hip-hop artists from the golden era of the 80’s and 90s such as The Wu Tang Clan, Rakim,Gangstarr, Nas, and Public Enemy.

Ted Bundy & Amari Mar are planning to release a collaborative album, titled “B.M.I.G. (Black Man Iz God),” together that’s to be released in 2015. The album is straight pure hip-hop that will be thought provoking and engaging for the listeners. The album is formed around truth, wisdom, and social issues which has a clear cut message for the masses without being too preachy. The album is unique and refreshing and full of dope lyrics.

You can check out some of their previous works such as Amari Mar’s two previous mixtapes, “Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth” hosted by Kool G Rap and “DaGodMustBkrazy” at www.amarimar.com and Amarimar.bandcamp.com. You can also check out Ted Bundy Da God at soundcloud.com/tedbundydagodm-c.

Follow them at:
Twitter: @TedbundyDagod and @AmariMar
Instragram: @picassowittapen and @amari_marvelous

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