Team WatzGud, A Long Promising Future


Team WatzGud (HardKnoX, 6K, eR, Dolo) formed in the summer of 2010 inspired by the Hip-Hop coalition at North Michigan University that created a buzz that could no longer be limited under censor. Team WatzGud found ways to trend set, give back, and remain a crowd favorite. Under an independent recording label for a short amount of time they’ve managed to perform shows/concerts in over 50+ cities ranging from halls, clubs, bars, sporting events, weddings, and school events.

Throughout their career, they’ve worked with a few recognizable names. After starting over independently in 2011, they’ve delivered better music, better show presence, and a whole new attitude. They’re not just your typical hip-hop group, they’ve also dabbled in the world of jingle writing in which they’ve written and produced a jingle for a large company. Although the career of Team WatzGud is in its infancy, the amount of independent work and networking shows proof of a long promising future for the 4 young talented artists.

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