TEACH, Dysfunctional Family


“The transition into music felt natural from being around music all the time growing up seeing the process and being in that environment just seemed right”

Brandon TEACH Lomax started as a skateboarding phenomenon with dreams of doing great things and spreading positivity. He came up from a musical background with his father traveling and performing music, but didn’t really come around to him until he was about 19 years old. Through skate competitions, growing respect from his peers, and helping out reaching to the youth his dreams have been becoming a reality.

Since he’s picked up the mic he has received love from people all over from Denmark, Africa, Australia, and even Norway including recognition from musicians like Money B from Digital Underground known from his songs “Freaks of the Industry” and “I Get Around” featuring the legendary Tupac Shakur. Money B said TEACH’s performance have been the best he’s seen. TEACH has also started an entertainment group known as Dysfunctional Family making fan supporting T-shirts and skateboards. And since has had a documentary group following him and his crew known as DFam to keep up and film their shenanigans and shows and day to day life.

Keep an eye out for the Dysfunctional series episodes on YouTube. With the multi-talent this young man has it seems there is no stopping or slowing down of any sort anytime soon.

Visit TEACH on his Facebook Page to learn more about his music.

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