TBR Music Group, Keeping It In-House


Hailing from Houston, Texas, TBR Music Group is a driven, charismatic and dynamic music collective with a fondness for hip-hop and electronic music. The collective features rap duo Chain$moke (Mic. B & JD); solo rap artist Spayc3; and producers E Nate, EDM expertise AAjay, and engineer/producer Kastaway. The folks at TBR Music Group like to keep things happening, often collaborating in order to expand their artistic experiences in a very kaleidoscopic way. Every single artist within this music collective has a very unique personality and approach, yet they all share many things in common such as the love for psychoactive substances! Besides the mind altering experience, herbal medicine can be certainly listed as a musical influence leading the collective to develop a dark-expressive and laid back sound.

Although TBR Music Group is a relatively new name on the local music scene, the artists that are now a part of the collective are far more than just beginners. Their careers go back quite a long way and even before joining forces, each member of the group boasted an impressive background. Working on your own as an artist is certainly a possibility, but when musicians join forces for the sake of producing great, uncompromising work, anything can happen. TBR Music Group relies on their own production facility to create their music in a completely independent way: from beats to backing tracks and vocal performances. Everything is produced directly in-house!

The group set released a series of 2 EPs in April 2014, each focusing on a different direction and on new ideas, with contributions of all the artists involved within this particular project. In short, the artists still produce with their independent brands (artist names), yet they back each other up with a great network to produce, perform, promote, and release their material to the world. Let the music tell you the rest of the story and find out more about the TBR Music Group and all the related artists that are a part of the initiative!

Visit TBR Music Group on their Official Website to learn more about their music.

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