Taylor Ross, The Kurt Cobain/Kid Cudi Of Our Day


With a style of music that is grassroots and acoustic Hip Hop, aspiring artist based out of LA, Taylor Ross is a multi-talented musician singer/songwriter through SESAC who also plays drums, piano, and guitar. He excelled in sports as a young kid breaking school records and winning music awards in colleges before he was actually in college.

Taylor was recently crowned the Kurt Cobain/Kid Cudi of our day by music producer Christian Davis of Sly Doggie Productions who picked up his music February 2015 to do an album and possibly start a movement. We are in this for the long haul to make good classic songs for our generation and Taylor brings a whole new vibe to the table.

Be on the lookout for his new album coming out soon and more songs will be released with Sly Doggie Productions. New videos produced by Jay Z’s director are also in the works. This is one of the artists that will leave a mark in the music industry.

Official website: www.reverbnation.com/joshuaross89music303


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