Tarik Bryant, Fowler


Tarik Bryant is an independent artist born and raised in the SF Bay Area who’s been a singer/songwriter for 5 years now and has fallen deeper and deeper in love with the beauty of lyricism. The power of music has been taught to him since he was in diapers thanks to his parents. Growing up listening to music ranging from Miles Davis to the BeeGees, The Police to Common, he’s cultivated a cornucopia of role models to draw inspiration from and blend within his music.

Since moving to New York to chase his dream, he’s just about caught up to it as his songs have progressively matured. Tarik Bryant has met talented individuals who believe in his vision, attended open mics at the Nuyorican Poets Café, performed original music for his company, and recently released his second music video for the track “Fowler.” All this legwork has more than solidified the opportunity of this becoming a dream come true.

Currently Tarik Bryant is working on his 2nd EP titled Stardust and recently finished the second single of the track that will be released soon. With music videos in the pipeline, more performances, he’s stuck in a snowball that’s steadily gaining movement. In a New York minute this snowball won’t be able to stopped, not even on a sultry NY summer day.

Soundcloud: lando_cal

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