Tairhodes, Brewing In Nashville


First discovering his musical interest at the of 6 singing in the background of his mother’s voice, Nashville, TN native Tairhodes, 25, initially strayed away from music growing up. Always having a love for singing and writing, it was his voyeurism of peers’ freestyling that pulled him back into the craft while attending East Tennessee State University. He sat behind best friend Dre Westfield who educated him on college hip hop and what people’s tastes were regarding lyrics or the 808s that made listeners love the artist.

It was his very passion for music that drew him to create a brand known as hippie poetry with fellow artist and longtime friends BeHunter, DThang, KempDaDon, and his brother King Taz. They entered the underground hip hop scene spitting poetry and lyrics over dope beats. The inspiration drawn from the creativity of his family and friends has propelled him forward in the underground scene.

Tairhodes has been performing alongside his brother Taz with 9 back to back shows and even opened up for Shawty Lo and Young Dolph. The release of his first project Road to the Apollo in 2013 was not as successful as he’d hoped for and reloaded in 2015 with the help of BeHunter reenergizing Tairhodes love for music and finding his sound through poetry. Since the release of the track “This One,” he’s been on the rise and is currently working on an EP titled ISA that’s named after his daughter. It’s safe to say Nashville has something brewing.

Twitter: @tairhodes_
Instagram: @tairhodes_
Soundcloud: @tairhodes

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