Tae Taliban, Mo Betta Musik


New and upcoming male Hip Hop/R&B sensations are a part of a record label with music that will electrify your mind with personalities that can break ice with anyone. Tae Taliban, rapper/singer/producer/songwriter, is from Atlanta. J3rd is a rapper/songwriter/A&R/producer from Brooklyn, NY. G!z is a rapper/songwriter from Kissimmee. And Price 51 is a rapper/songwriter/producer from Tulsa, OK.

They are loved for their originality, have a swagger with a touch of the West Coast and an East Coast flow. They are recognized for their uniqueness. Therefore, they are cautious and selective as to whom they work with. The passion is deeper than a deal stated. Their album is in works and they spend most of their time in the studio working hard.

Twitter: @mobettamusik
Twitter: @TR3YDOWN
Facebook: @mo-bettamusik

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