T-Jay Beats, Fruits Of Labor


Tom Jackowski, T-Jay Beats, is a 19 year old Polish-American producer from Chicago, IL. He was born and raised in Chicago, and began producing at age 16. At a very young age he learned to play the piano and then drums in his early teens. His passion for music became stronger than ever after he and his family moved to the northwest suburbs of Chicago when he was 16. Simply messing around on Garageband on his Mac laptop got him seriously interested in producing. A week later he bought Ableton, an even more advanced program. He saved up money for several months and ended up buying everything he needed to set up a studio.

In his high school years he would make songs with his friends from school who liked to rap. After graduating high school, T-Jay began working with an artist named Kid Slim who he met in Barrington as well. To this day, T-Jay remains Kid Slim’s in-house producer. He’s also worked with several Chicago artists, the most popular being Mick Jenkins. DJBooth.net has premiered T-Jay Beats’ first and only beat tape to this day which was titled “Fruits Of Labor.” He often releases remixes of well-known songs on his Soundcloud. Currently he resides in Champaign, IL where he is attending college.

Official website: www.twitter.com/tjaybeats

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