T. Hill, Christmas Born


Terron Hill, a.k.a. T.Hill was born X-mas day in Chicago, IL. His first introduction to music was through his older brother and the late but extraordinary Michael Jackson. He began singing by ear by the age of eight learning how to sing by listening to different types of music, practicing vocal scales, creating vocal scales of his own, etc.

He’s tried out for American Idol, The Voice, X-Factor, and several other local talent shows in pursuit of his dream of one day becoming a legendary singer/songwriter/entertainer.

Adding the engineering side of music to his background helped him to understand more about music behind the scenes from the very beginning!

Lastly, throw in the most important ingredient: songwriter! Every song on “The MisInformation Of Life & Love” was written by T.Hill! Also arranged and engineered by T.Hill, along with a few other inspirational people. T.Hill the artist’s main goal in music is to bring a sound that’s never been heard before yet feels like home.

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