Syd Coopz, Ready For My Props

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Rapping since the age of 12, Kansas City born and raised aspiring emcee Syd Coopz knew from an early age she had the talent to put words together and making them rhyme. For years she had gone without recording a single song and in 2010 that changed and she started releasing music on social media; Reverbnation being the first. Soon Syd realized that there was much more to music than just uploading it to the internet and waiting to be discovered; she’d have to work harder to make it happen.

With a vicious Rap style that triggers a nerve, Syd is ready to get the props she deserves. Her style is a combination of authenticity, funk, and groove crediting old school Hip Hop as an influence. Since releasing her music publicly the setbacks she’s encountered are only preparing her for the future. Syd’s music has developed with better storytelling and meaningful content. Her life experiences is what inspires her to write.



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