Sya Lanski, Reaching Thousands


Sya Lanski, Brandon Whitehead, born October 2, 1984 in New Orleans, Louisiana, started rapping at the age of 19. Though rather late as rap goes, in that time he has accomplished one of his goals which was reaching out to thousands of YouTubers who have enjoyed his music over the years. With every lyric, Sya Lanski speaks his mind and makes no apologies for it. Sya Lanski has taken a vow to stay true to himself and does not consider himself just another ordinary rapper. He understands that part of being a noteworthy artist isn’t just about possessing talent, but more importantly it’s about having something real to say. Sya Lanski is signed to Dopaminergic Records/Com On N Records and is currently working on his album which is being produced by Tberry and being recorded throughout 2015.

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