Sway Wellz, Nati U.S.


Encouraged by late friend Suksan Senakit to produce his own instrumentals, Trav Wellz, Sway Wellz, born October 6, 1986 in Panama City, FL, is influenced by many artists today. He got his first taste of the music industry after a production deal with Rostrum Records went void in 2008 due to his lack of concept, stability, and direction of intentions. Adding further to burdens, dealing with drug issues prevented him from moving freely resulted in termination of artist development and buyers deal with Universal Records.

In 2014, as an affiliate of Nati U.S., Sway released the pre-album titled “V” before the scheduled debut mixtape release in summer 2015. Projects survived by Sluggabeatz Productions, Dj Cam, Dtspacely, AFTA, & Legacy of Nati US.

Official website: www.natiussway.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/swaywellz


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