SUPA, Fresh Voice Of Hip Hop

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Only a few performers come along every generation with the ability to truly connect with audiences – song after song, show after show, city after city, year after year.

SUPA is that one-of-a-kind, on fire, solid gold entertainer! His signature voice, beats and lyrical style draws crowds into his music making a memorable and timeless impact in the hearts of audiences everywhere he performs – from SXSW to the hottest clubs and the hippest of radio and television shows.

And the spirit with which he entertains is contagious causing even legendary industry insiders and trailblazers to take notice.

Today, though he has primarily been a voice in Hip Hop music in the Golden Triangle and Houston regions of Texas, North Carolina-born SUPA is one of today’s freshest and fastest-rising Hip Hop stars on the national and international stage with his latest song, “All I Got,” written and recorded with the golden voice of hip hop Tra’Mayne Williams.

SUPA says, “The song, `All I Got,’ is dedicated to my wife Melissa, but it seems to relate to couples and romantics everywhere. She and I have been together for a decade, through both my darkest and best times, and she’s always had my back, unselfishly. When my producer Shine and I were talking about what song we wanted to do for our next single, it hit me once again that Hip Hop was lacking songs about real love. Tra’Mayne and I began working on `All I Got’ and we quickly knew that we had something special we were recording. Tra’Mayne has such a golden voice, which fit the song perfectly. And when we shot the video in both downtown Houston and my home, everything fell into place. People have responded so well and it is gratifying to hear things that confirm what we believed when we put the song together.”

Already “All I Got” is getting strong airplay on such industry heavyweights as Power 99 JAMZ and WDOD/DJ NYSYNE in Houston, 98 FM THE BEAT in Las Vegas, KDGR-Dominion Hits and REXM in Los Angeles, V-100 in Richmond, MAJIC 93.3 in Denver and CYBER MUSIC BOXX in Palmdale.

With a distinctive beat, warm harmonies, and memorable lyrics that include references to Romeo and Juliet and “if I was the question, she is my answer,” it should be no surprise that industry insiders and fans say “All I Got” reminds them of LL Cool J and Boys 2 Men, yet the sounds are fresh as today’s headlines as SUPA and Tra’Mayne spread love across the globe with this soon-to-be Hop Hop and R&B classic.

It’s no wonder, especially with the worldwide release of “All I Got,” why people are calling SUPA “the fresh voice of Hip Hop!”

Learn more about SUPA on his Official Artist Website.

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