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Accumulating over 50K in downloads for his mixtape Undeniable, Kansas City born emcee Suli4Q is turning heads in the entertainment industry with his talent that’s allowed him to work with 4x Grammy award winning producer and songwriter Brian Kennedy as well as several other industry heavyweights. Undeniable is his fourth mixtape after Passing Period (2008), Guilty Conscience (2009), and Eviction Notice (2012). According to Suli4Q, “I believe I have many talents and my goal is to be an asset to the world.”

Suli4Q’s goal in the entertainment industry is to be remembered as an artist who had a positive impact on listeners, built an avenue that lightened that weight on the next generation of entertainers, and used mass appeal to promote positive thinking. His latest release is his first full length album titled The Program that is one of a kind and uniquely put together to captivate listeners from beginning to end. Suli4Q tells his story in a way to promote prosperity and explains that although we are programed and pre-destined by our genes and environment, it is up to us to break out and create our own destiny.

Suli4Q is currently building a corporation called Jet Vision HD. He is currently looking for management, booking agent, marketing firm, and any other mutual beneficial business partner(s) to assist in keeping the ball rolling and capitalizing off his entertaining abilities.

Official website:
Phone: (913) 538-1609


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