Styllo, All About Dreams

Styllo temp

Styllo (S.K. Styllo) is a prospective Houston rapper formerly from Detroit, Michigan. Styllo was born Steven Fogang on the eastern side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His parents are of West African descent and native to the country Cameroon. Styllo grew up in the city of Yaoundé (Cameroon) among 3 brothers, 1 sister, and vast amount of cousins. Styllo was first introduced to the hip-hop genre at the age of 16 while still in high school. During those times it was a trend for the youth to rap and the “cool” or “popular kids” were paramount in the pastime. When he turned 18 he packed up and moved to Detroit where he began recording in his spare time. He later settled in H-town (Houston) where he developed a true passion for the hip-hop culture releasing recordings weekly on Soundcloud. For Styllo, life is all about dreams.

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