Strangers Of Necessity, Making Good Music

CoryAyo and Fooch 2

Strangers Of Necessity consists of upcoming producer CoryAyo from Iowa City, IA, and veteran rhyme-sayer Fooch the MC from Chicago, IL. The two connected by chance via twitter after Cory saw Fooch in a cypher video on YouTube. They linked up offline and quickly became friends sparking an immediate chemistry and need to make quality music together; hence the name Strangers Of Necessity. They instantly began recording music and doing shows locally generating a small buzz in the area.

With CoryAyo’s affiliation with London, UK based netlabel, Hard Jazz 7, and Fooch being an artist on Mic Hand Recordings, they knew they had the launch pad needed to release their debut EP “Tangerine Avenue.” Their sound is best described as a fresh take on that golden era of hip-hop blending tasteful jazz and soul samples, crisp snares, boomy kicks on wonky patterns with a soulful delivery, dense schemes, and potent punch-lines that hit peaks before unseen.

Strangers Of Necessity now better acquainted and constantly adding shows to their calendar are hoping to bring you retro fresh beats and rhymes that speak to right now giving you that feeling that can only be described as “goose bump music.” Two people, two different worlds, one common goal: make good music. The return of the rapper/producer duo is here!

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