Stevey Owens, Slow Down


Stevey Owens is a rapper who hails from a town called Salem, NH which is 30 minutes north of Boston. For him, there’s not too much extravagance where he lives and just feels life as it is and in turn makes soundtracks to his own. Without it, his creativity as a human being doesn’t shine. Stevey is proud to be able to make music and hopes that one day his music can do all the speaking needed when it begins to gain the recognition it deserves.

Stevey’s currently finishing up two new mixtapes to add to add to his catalog which is at six. 24 and 20s Lust are the titles of the upcoming projects and brush across the topics of life’s speed, lust, and past relationships that have inspired him.

To get gain a better understanding of Stevey’s music Soundcloud is the direct source to his music. His latest track release, Rotuine, is the intro song from his upcoming 24 mixtape.  Furthermore, you’ll also have a chance to listen to EP Common Man that boasts five tracks with the ever so popular track “Never That” that’s rang in 5.7K plays. Today we’re excited to showcase his visual for “Slow Down.”

Official website:
Soundcloud: steveyowensmusic

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