Stephen II, The Genre

StephenII-1 - Copy

Inspired by Jaz Z, Biggie Smalls, Kirk Franklin, Hillsong United, Chris Martin, and John Legend, Stephen II grew up loving music and listening to a variety of genres ranging from gospel to classic rock. His music is soulful hip hop that promotes good music and positive vibes. With the positive responses he’s been receiving from songs he’s posted, one was featured on a local online music blog brining pure joy to him for being acknowledged.

On tap for the upcoming 2016 spring, Stephen II is working on an untitled mixtape. Furthermore, along with friend Lance both will be forming a collective of creative minds that they have christened The Genre. There’s much excitement brewing around the collective and the goal is to start gaining a fan base and taking over their city’s music scene.

Once the takeover has begun, the sky is the limit. Regardless of the limits they exceed, it’s all about making cool music with friends. Everything beyond that is a bonus.

Soundcloud: stephenii

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