Starpav, BASSMINT Fresh


Atlanta, Georgia seems to be the breeding ground for some of Hip Hop’s hottest and newest talents; Starpav is another testament to the city. Starpav is quickly becoming known for his high lyrical content and sound versatility. His ability to transport listeners from smooth melodic feels to conscious narratives and then place them in the middle of the turn up music that has made him an artist with great potential. Born and raised in Decatur, Georgia he got his musical start in church leading church worship with his younger brother. This lead to the gospel influence found in his music. As his love for music grew he fell in love with Hip Hop gravitating towards artist such as Curren$y, Andre 3000, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and the drowned out melodic sounds that has become synonymous with 6God, Drake and producer 40. He also sites T-Pain and Isley Brothers as melodic influences.

Starpav first mixtape, Songs About Her, was a personal exploration of love found and lost, as well as a homage to the women that inspired the music. Bane of My Existence was the second installment he released using the villain Bane (Dark Knight Rises) to draw comparisons between the internal struggles he was feeling at the time. Origami was released a year ago and is an ambient sensual ode to a mysterious girl. The beat may sound familiar as Bryson Tiller, Rico Love, and 2 Chainz have used samples of the same track; make no mistake, Starpav’s version stands alone and demands a space of its own. He uses his signature style of blending high lyrical content and swirling vocals to seduce the listener into falling for his dark melodies.

Starpav is one of three co-founders of BASSMINT Fresh. Joined by fellow artist JT Tarpav and Boregard, Bassmint Fresh operates as an artist collective and production team with one mission: Be Heard and Create Change. What’s next? Starpav is currently co-producing JT Tarpav’s new EP Don’t Care If She Hears This while plotting the release of his first EP by spring. The BASSMINT is soon to be open and Starpav is a force within to be reckoned with.



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