SRJ, Grandiose Knowledge

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“It’s easy to be heard but I want to be remembered.”

Stanley Rimpson Jr, better known by his stage name SRJ, is an upcoming musician and producer from Joliet, IL. His grandiose knowledge of music stems from a family of musicians. Stanley grew up listening to his father play the organ and his uncle playing the guitar which greatly influenced him to become a musician. He has put a great deal of time and effort into perfecting his skill.

For the past 8 years Stanley has been playing the guitar and learning all different styles of music. It is his passion to express himself through music in his own unique way while grasping the attention of the listener. It’s difficult to pin a type of genre on Stanley’s music. His music has traces of pop, rock, R&B, and even experimental jazz. In the same breath Stanley’s compositions seems to be built around the same ideology made famous by 20th century composer, John Cage. He is also drawing comparison to guitarist/singer J.J.Cale. SRJ is an artist unlike anyone else that has been heard in decades and surely will not disappoint.

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