S.P.A.M., A Recipe For Fun And Excitement


Marijuana. Check. Women. Hell yeah! Alcohol. Bitch you guessed it! Mix these ingredients together with the lyrical styling of 3 diverse and eclectic individuals from Conroe/Oak Ridge North, TX and you have a killer trio known as S.P.A.M. It all began at Oak Ridge High School on the way to play a football game when a freestyle session took place and linked Mercen, Weirdo Paisley, and Pike together on a wavelength to verbal expression in the hip-hop form. After high school the group parted ways to see what the future held only to find themselves come back together in 2012 to create the Christmas anthem “Merry Fuckin XMAS.”

What started as a do-it-for-fun slice of entertainment turned into many local supporters and gave average guys from the Dirty Ridge the determination to continue making bangers. They released an official EP entitled “Dinner@3am” on their Soundcloud page and shot videos for 2 songs, “Doobie Snacks” and “Cloud 9.” Numerous performances at downtown Houston as well as local venues around the neighborhood had the crew gaining momentum. Then came “Smokin’ On Your Days Off,” a feel-good track with a great visual shot in Denver, Colorado. Most recently they dropped a Holiday special called “CHRONNIKAH” to help their loyal fans celebrate Christmas by dropping 8 brand new songs.

Constantly in pursuit of hip-hop accolades, new music is always being recorded and they’re not scared to switch it up and give the fans something different. They take pride in their versatility. If you want to party with some real ones these guys have the recipe for fun and excitement. And all it takes is a little sex, pot, alcohol, and music.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/sonsofspam

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