Sox Cobain, This Is Who I Am


Born in a house on Oct. 4, 1981 and birth named Supreme, but you will get to know him as Sox Cobain. Cobain was the second oldest of four, three girls and one boy – which was Cobain. As in most black households in Sox Cobain’s there was a constant flow of music; the dj usually being Cobain’s dad or mom. His father was heavily in to hip hop and reggae. Artists like Eric.B & Rahkim, Public Enemy, Run DMC, Sugar Hill Gang, Kool G Rap, Pete Roc & CL Smooth, Stone Love, Maxi Priest, etc. While his mom was heavy in to R&B and soul. Artists like Nat King Cole, Aretha Franklin, Jackson 5, Sade, Mary J Blije, the Wayans family, Luther Vandross, etc.

This gave a young Cobain an ear for all types of sounds and genres of music. Early in life, Cobain was also removed from public school in the third grade resulting from behavior issues. His mom enrolled him in a private school run by a well-known tribe from Ghana named the Akans, which had a dance group Cobain took part in consisting of drum and dance. Cobain remained in this school from 3rd to 8th grade. The school was in south Jamaica, where Cobain was born and still lived in.

By the third grade he was penning school yard rhymes with his peers in the community. By now Cobain was following artists and more on his own via video music box, the box and radio. He even took first place in a local summer camp talent show with a friend preforming “Jump” from Kriss Kross. Cobain even had a stint where him and his crew would mimic Kriss Kross and wear all of their clothes backwards. It was that experience there that told Sox Cobain that he would be the next big entertainer.

Fast forward some years and Cobain turned sixteen and his love of music has him wanting to share it. Cobain’s now a dj. For his 16th birthday his father bought him a Gemini turntable set. He would go on for about the next 2 or 3 years doing backyard parties and small events for friends and family. Cobain used to make cassette tapes of his self-blending music of his favorite artists and would sell them to his friends in school. And every single night he would fall asleep listening to the music he composed on his set.

Cobain started to lose interest in wanting to be a dj. He wanted to control the crowd with a mic, he wanted to be an emcee. Cobain had a couple close friends that were already pursuing music as a career and began assisting them any way possible. It would only feed his hunger for more, it’s now 1999 and since the late 80’s all Cobain really wanted to do was rock the mic. Cobain started penning more raps but with no assistance from the guys he once helped it was hard for him to even get on board.

In 1995 Cobain’s mom and dad reunited and moved the family out of the poverty stricken crack consumed area of south Jamaica to the north side of Queens Hollis which was a better place of living; not perfect but way better than the south side. This is where he would meet his other member JBlank, of the soon to become group 100-grand. Blanks grandmom and Cobain stayed right across the street, while Blank himself stayed with his mom in Dade County.

Blank would come up on summers and holidays and he would tell Cobain what’s hot in Florida and Cobain would tell him what’s hot in NY. By late 99-2000 Blank was living in NY with his dad and attending a job core in Buffalo to escape legal troubles in Dade. Around this same time Blank wound up dropping out of job corps and Cobain was graduating high school with plans of becoming a rapper with no help and a shit load of time on his hands.

On a cold winter Cobain was hitting the streets as usual, fresh of his lil job and on his side hustle when he ran into Blank and another friend. Blank informed him he was back in town and wanted to know what he was doing. Cobain said “music.” From there on it was Sox and JBlank. 100-grand would go on to do numerous showcases throughput the city and even appear on local dj mixtapes and landed a slot on a hood label that got them more exposure. 100-grand would go on to release three well received projects before legal troubles would dived them again.

With the name still buzzing till 2014, Sox Cobain vowed he would never stop until he reaches the top.

This is who I am. This is what made me. I have worked with artists such as Mook Mula from Brooklyn, NY; C-gutta from DC via NC; producers like Suga Bear, Trakstarbeats, DJ Drastic, etc. I’ve appeared on Hood Affairs dvd, Streets Unsigned dvd, etc. Over 1,000 listens on Soundcloud and still pushing. #bain #homage

Twitter: soxcobain
Instagram: _soxcobain_

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