Soldier G, Bottom of The Pit


Growing up in The Big D, Dallas, Texas, Soldier G experienced a lot of challenges like every person does growing up. G started rapping in the 5th grade with school mates and was guided through the music industry by Nate Quick (K104 DJ) and Kuwn Dalini; both who’ve passed away. His music reflects the life he lives and worldwide issues.

As you listen to G you will see how much he has grown as a person and as a man. He strongly believes in giving back to his community and being a volunteer to those who need help. His first album Bottom of the Pit: Angels, Devils, and Witches was released December 2012 and the second album Bottom of the Pit: Rise to Power will be released in 2016 with the hit singles Hit the Scene and G Code. He thanks everyone that takes the time out to listen to his music.

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