Sneeks, Everyone Can turn It Around

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Los Angeles born Sneeks’ childhood was marred by gang violence. At the age of 11 he was already affiliated with gangs and at 14 he was arrested for shooting a police officer. Facing being charged as adult and a 25 years to life sentence, Sneeks was ultimately tried as a juvenile and committed to the California Youth Authority for 4 ½ years. While in juvenile prison he began to read books and educate himself leading to a high school graduation via prison.

After prison Sneeks started selling drugs to provide for his family landing him back to prison. It was hard, no one wanted to hire a felon but he knew he couldn’t sell drugs forever. After seeing most friends receive life sentences or be murdered, he decided to turn his life around and make a dream of his into a reality. He had always had a passion for music.

One person Sneeks highly admired was DJ Quik, his favorite producer and in 2013 he landed an internship with Quik. He worked as an engineer and learned to produce music with The Futuristiks, now formally known as Mike and Keys. Sneeks started networking and became familiar with people in the business. His internship and his past got him to where he is now, an aspiring music producer and songwriter.

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