Smoke STKZ, Stepping Up To Adversity


Smoke STKZ (Stacks): two words that you may hear from time to time. However, together? That may be something unheard of and that was just the stage name. Artist Ryan Z. has done just that, combined two worlds of parallel forces. Born on the East Coast, adopted by the south in Dallas, TX, STKZ has found himself in the midst of all walks of life; from the under the table secrets and quiet dealings of suburban frontage to the hustle and bustle of street perspective.

STKZ realized that he to create his own unique and artistic lane in the complicated, yet misunderstood, Dallas music scene. Faced with potential stereotypes of being just another “white rapper,” STKZ continues to quickly step up to any adversity, challenges, opinions, and judgment; the same way he steps to the mic enabling him to give his fans the raw, real, and uncut moments of his own personal experiences in life. A new sound, a new feel, a new movement are only but a few things that can describe what is the Smoke STKZ experience.

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Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @smokestkz

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