$kinny Hardaway, Mi$fit

Rude Boy

Coming on strong as a musician, graphic and fashion designer, Rosemount, Minnesota’s $kinny Hardaway (born August 15, 1995) is currently working on his third project titled “Mi$fit” produced by Big LO$; it’ll be his 2nd EP along with new clothing and designs from Swish Arts (his upcoming designing company). Starting out in a music group from 2009 – 2013, $kinny has been an independent artist for the past two years and has been on the come up ever since.

$kinny’s previous projects, “Swish 95’: The EP” (2013) and “Second Hustle” produced by E.C.G. (2014), were dropped on his Bandcamp page. His latest is set to drop on August 15.

Official website: swisharts.tumblr.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/ThaHardaway
Twitter/Instagram/etc.): @Thahardaway


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