Skillz, Lostboiz


Johnny B. Wells Jr., Skillz, is a hip hop artist from Chicago, IL. After his acting career at the age of 15, Skillz began to lean in to the music industry creating his own label, #Lostboiz, consisting of several other Chicago artists including Demi God, DJ Prosciutto, C dot Barz, Mr.Stoned Harlem, DeadI, Tez, AZ, and Claire. He also belongs to a merged label known as LBSM where Skillz and Mr. Stoned Harlem share the presidency.

Most of Skills music is relatable hip hop such as life rhymes or just feel good tracks. Either way one things for sure, Skillz and fellow artists are definitely on the rise in the Chicago area. Look out for new installments to his line of music mid-year 2015.

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