Skeeno Dot Sparkz, A Goal Of Greatness


Coming out of the city of Paterson, this New Jersey artist is on a quest for greatness. Going by the name of Skeeno Dot Sparkz, he’s going through beats and songs trying to prove a point. From speaking about his past to his current lifestyle, he’s giving his listeners a reason to feel connected and comfortable with his music.

At the age of 24 he’s set to drop his 5th mixtape, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas 3” (#HTGSXMAS3). His first one dropped just 3 years ago in November and is titled “Book of Rhymes.” His views, and lack of a filter, set him apart from his competitors by using his versatility and witty word play to be one of the greatest lyricist to come to this world. His hunger and his beast like mentality, along with the naysayers, give him the fuel to keep pushing towards the goal of greatness and he will not accept anything less than that.

From promoting himself to currently building his street team of #SKEEluminatiSoldiers and #TeamSKEE, he’s working hard for that goal. Putting out killer freestyles and great original music, this Latin American artist is on the path to success and should be watched.

Follow him on:
Twitter @SkeenoDotSpark
IG: @Dotskeezy
Facebook: Skeeno Dot Sparkz.

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