Sizzle, Sit Back And Enjoy The Ride


“I keep going. You have to persevere and never give up if you really want it.”

Adam Aldama, Sizzle, was born and raised in Sacramento, California where he has been performing since he was a child. He has a natural talent for music, singing, and performing. As a young child, he loved to sing in the choir at church with his grandmother. Her encouragement sparked his interest in singing professionally. His main musical inspiration was Michael Jackson. Sizzle emulates a lot of Jackson’s style into his songs and show performances.

Sizzle began writing his own music when he was 13 years old and has been recording for years. Each song is filled with catchy lyrics and smooth vocal melodies. Sizzle, with a smile that never fades, is the happiest when he is sharing his music with you. He performs all over and is bringing new music to the world.

With his family friendly mentality, Sizzle says, “I write music anybody can listen to. I got some tracks for the rollers, some tracks for the clubbers, and I don’t even cuss that much so you can bump it with your mother.

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