Sir Flame, Setting The Industry On Fire


“My music is rooted in everyday life experiences. I want to influence people with my life, through my music. There’s a misunderstanding nowadays that you have to live a certain type of lifestyle to be a real individual. I’m just an everyday, down-to-earth dude.”

The flame was lit when he was seven. Even at such a young age, his urge to rap sparked. A year later, that simple spark ignited a growing fire. Rapping popular music of the times wasn’t enough. He had to write lyrics of his own down. Record them. Produce them. But that still wasn’t enough. When he was eleven, he started learning how to play instruments. He discovered how to meld sound and words together under his own terms. This allows him to deliver his hot lyrics over instrumentals. Furthermore, it helps him live up to his name: Sir Flame.​

Hailing from Gainesville, FL, his message is clear: to be authentic. Flame rises above outside influences to deliver these messages. ​Flame’s scorching lyrics show off his passion for music. He pulls inspiration from all sorts of music: Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Country, Gospel. This diversity is what gives his music a unique sound. And since nothing can quench the fire that began from a child’s spark years ago, Flame sets his sights on setting the music industry on fire.

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