Shuqi The Rapper, An Intoxicating Concoction


Shuqi The Rapper, is a Hip-Hop artist hailing from south of the river, born, bred, and immersed in the diversity of south London. It was the strong influence of the 90’s era music along with a generous sprinkle of the present day, that helped the rapper commonly known as Shuqi carve a unique path for herself. Her music has reached many ears and her releases are always anticipated with bated breath.

The rapper that is Shuqi is best known for having an ear that most do not possess and this unique gift leads to creative, experimental, and well-executed flows. Her out of the box rhyming patterns and highly unpredictable subject matters, manage to grab the ears and attention of the avid and not so avid of music listeners. It is this intoxicating concoction that encapsulates the musical gift and highly entertaining rapper that is Shuqi.

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