Shotta Sho, Speaking My Mind


With no fear to speak his mind and the determination to go after his dreams, Shotta Sho is ready to take on the world. With his distinctive sound and catchy lyrics he’s slowly starting to get people’s attention. Shotta Sho was born in New York and spent his early childhood living in Brooklyn until the year 2000 when he moved to Barbados. From a young age friends and family always called him Sho, which was short for his first name. While living in Barbados he started to get into a lot of trouble, in and out of school, and soon received the name Shotta from his friends which was the start of Shotta Sho. In 2006, due to constantly getting into trouble, his mother moved him back to New York to finish high school.

It was in Barbados where he found his love and passion for writing and creating music. He has a very unique style with a mixture from different cultures, only one word can explain it: fusion. Sho’s rhythms are grounded in Hip-Hop and Reggae flavored with Soca. He has performed in many venues around the NY/NJ area opening up for acts such as Juelz Santana and Serani. He is always in the studio perfecting his craft and working on new material. Look out for the next best thing coming your way.

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