SheShell, Beat Maker & Lyricist


SheShell, born Sherley Delma on August 14, 1985 in Port au Prince, Haiti, is a songwriter and music producer who’s lived most of her life in Chicago. At the young age of 11 she decided to pick up a pen and pad and write lyrics to join an all-girl group in her middle school. The girl group did not go far, but the passion to create heartfelt lyrics never left this budding star.

While attending Eastern Illinois University, SheShell decided it was time to perform an original song on stage. After gaining recognition for her bold performance, she linked up with other talented producers at her college; however, no music was ever released. After graduating college in 2008, she decided it was best to work independently and she took it upon herself to start producing her own tracks. The beat maker name for SheShell is MusicManiack.

Shortly after producing some hot tracks, SheShell began to post her music all over social media sites and gain fans from across the world. Other artists even started reaching out for collaboration opportunities. Nigerian artist Jentlelity emailed her this amazing hip hop beat and quickly came up with lyrics; the song “Fresher” was born. Another amazing song written by SheShell is called “Waves,” produced by Cyanide Records.

Instagram: @Sheshell85
YouTube: @shalyrico3
Facebook: @MusicManiack
Soundcloud: @sherleydelma


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