Shawn Mays Breaking Through

Rude Boy Magazine

In today’s underground hip-hop scene, there are few who could compare to the skill of Shawn Mays. Born into a family strong with poetic talent, Mays became interested in writing at a young age and has since directed his focus towards creating music worth listening to. Raised by his Grandmother, Mays was very much encouraged by her to pursue anything he wanted. Influenced by relatable life situations and old school R&B, Shawn has developed a style that is unique and truly all his own. Ambitious in his goals and dedicated to his craft, Mays remains humble stating that he “…would like to be at the tops, talked about amongst the greats; But until then, I’m just enjoying the hell out of the ride.”

Follow Shawn Mays on Twitter @HiMyNameIsShawn and check out more of his music on SoundCloud at

Shawn Mays – Shut The Fu*k Up Feat.Dibiase, J.Payne, and Mac Eternal

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