Sharna Cane, Voice Of Expression


Sharna Longville (born July 21, 1988), professionally known as Sharna Cane, is a very enthusiastic rapper, singer and songwriter, from South London who is extremely passionate about music. For as long as she can remember, music has orchestrated the voice of expression through rhythmic words. Her passion for music grew vastly, as she found herself constantly writing new lyrics during school hours. Sharna took matters into her own hands, leaving education to find herself windows of opportunities in the music scene.

Sharna Cane was first introduced on the scene as ‘Sloozie’ which originated from the term ‘slewed’, which was commonly used to describe the defeat of an opponent lyrically in battle rapping (otherwise known as ‘clashing’). She was known for her quick punch lines and captivating flow. This highlighted her strengths whilst writing. Sharna has been very busy this year recording her single ‘Right Here Right Now’ and also shooting the video for this single, which was very successful.

In the future, Sharna Cane sets to take the world by storm with heartfelt presence and spread music relating to everyone within everyday scenarios. She’s currently working on her new single, which is due to be released on New Year’s Day, but is currently performing at major shows in the city trying to develop a wider fan base. Look out for ‘Turning up’ which is the new single from Sharna Cane, which will be released on New Year’s Day.

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