$hakey Lokey, Bringing The Gold To Daytona Beach


$hakey Lokey, Da Hustla, is what you get when you mix hard work and determination with passion. Born Robert McMillian, $hakey has been an avid fan and student of Hip Hop for years. Starting his rap career through the influences of his long term friend, Thee eMCee, he quickly learned the power of rhyme through his own songs. This burning passion has embarked $hakey on a journey to pursue his dreams as a poet, a street poet. His music embodies the things he has witness and experienced in his life.

Growing up in Daytona Beach also known as Dope Boy City, $hakey has evolved into the ultimate hustler and has not let his environment have a negative impact on his progression. He’s evolved into an astute entrepreneur and business man. He learned early on in business that you make more money by owning things. $hakey formed his own business and brand, Southern Street Vision Entertainment and the Hustla Mentality clothing line. He is a prime example of what happens when you work hard towards your dreams. $hakey has built himself a street credibility that stands solid against others making a very strong name for himself in the strip and dance clubs.

$hakey’s rhymes shower the stages with catchy slickness that all audiences enjoy. With the release of his second LP, “My Book of Life Vol. 1,” he exemplifies why he is here to stay. He recently sealed a deal with Certified Music Executives of Atlanta and an international distribution deal with Nimbus Universal Records. With their certified gold status by the RIAA, both $hakey and Certified Music Executives/Nimbus Universal Records are working diligently to bring the gold home to Daytona Beach.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/shakey386


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